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Wired: 1906

Wired: 1906

Circa 1906. "Post Office, Albany, New York," amid the usual cat's cradle of streetcar, telephone and telegraph wires. If the byword of 1960s America was "plastics," half a century earlier it was "copper." View full size.


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In the Navy

PersonFromPorlock, you must have missed the sign (lower right) on the post office that Uncle Sam's Navy was looking for men. ;-)

It Sort of Looks Like

A direct hit on a spaghetti factory.

Customs Flag

Just noticed... is that a U.S. Customs flag on the building? Was there a Customs House there?


MrK's comment about the amputee seems even more striking as you see the dandy about ten paces ahead of him. Wonderful photo.

Ah, the stories untold!


That amputee must most likely be a Civil War veteran. 40 years later.

Just 58 Years Later

I had my draft physical in there. The hematoma the Army gave me drawing blood convinced me to join the Air Force really soon!

High and low

Me too. In my former job I was up and down the poles for CATV work. Even 6 years after climbing my last pole I still catch myself looking up at them while driving looking to see whats up there. This photo (and a lot here) I stare in amazement at them. The circle distributing ring at the top of the closest pole in the photo is a real gem. So far, I can't say that I have seen the likes of it on Shorpy yet. I will be forwarding this link to all my current and ex-telco friends.

Also, that little guy on the sidewalk: an amputee without a even makeshift prosthetic?


The old post office is still there, although the neighbors have all fled (as have the rats and their nests):

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as a child

I remember how awful I thought all those wires made the landscape look, now that I'm older, I miss it.

Right on the corner.

How would you like to be a lineman, and have to service that distribution ring?

Papa Bear's term of 'rats nest' seems very fitting!

Cats and rats

I'm a retired electronics tech. Years ago, when a new circuit was being designed and there were traces going all over the place that had to be sorted out before construction could begin, it was called a "rat's nest." Great picture!!

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