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City Hall: 1906

City Hall: 1906

Circa 1906. "City Hall, Louisville, Kentucky." Continuing our survey of public buildings in the Derby City. 8x10 inch glass negative. View full size.


Bells in those towers

Clearly the tower of the firehouse held a large bell, which would have been the centerpoint of signalling the detection of fires in the city. Does anyone know what happened to it?

That bell might have been made by William Kaye, bellfounder in this city, mayor 1863-5, and councilman for at least two terms. He made a large bell for the clock in the City Hall tower; is it still there?

What I do like

What I do like is the "MOVE SLOWLY" sign.

Welcome TTerrace. Once, perhaps, you will reveal your real (first) name to us??? We keep hoping, but not too fast: Move slowly!

Bell Tower gone

The Bell Tower (built as a watch tower in 1894) is long gone. The red brick building still stands and I believe is used by the police department. It is no longer a fire station. I served on a Grand Jury 20 years ago and stared out the window at this building for a month. A Map Street View of 302 S. 7th will show the building adjacent to the police station.


The sculpture in the pediment is wonderful reflection of nineteenth-century spirit.


Both still there (mostly).

Up to code?

I just love the way the power lines run right in the opening under the left face of the clock!


I've noticed in many of these old pics a peculiar way of discouraging people from sitting on the railings.

Bell tower

What was the building to the left with the bell tower, I wonder.

[Fire Department Headquarters.]

Thanks, Thanks, Dave! Is it still there?

[Actually, that was me. Yes, it's still there minus the top. - tterrace]

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For Tterrace: Hip! Hip! Hooray! Welome!

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