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Steeplechase for Fun: 1904

Steeplechase for Fun: 1904

New York circa 1904. "Surf Avenue, Coney Island." Points of interest: The "Great Musical & Scenic Railway" roller coaster ("Day & Night in the Alps"), an observation tower advertising Steeplechase Park and, at left, the "Mont Pelee" and "Galveston Flood" cycloramas commemorating the catastrophic volcanic eruption and hurricane. Bonus attraction: much Moxie signage. View full size.


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Moxie makes Mainers mighty

As anyone who's seen my comments knows, I'm a big Moxie fan, but it takes a bit of effort to get it since I live in Nova Scotia, and the Maine/New Brunswick border is a five-hour drive. Luckily I traverse it at least once a year, and can stock up on a few cases every time.

I agree though, it is an acquired taste, and to describe it as like a mix between root beer and cough medicine (with a slight metallic after-tang) wouldn't be too far off the mark. They changed the formula in the '60s (shades of New Coke) and sales plummeted, so they brought it back, although many say it wasn't exactly the same. There are places you can mail-order it from, and some specialty/novelty candy stores carry it outside of New England. I found it in one such shop in Annapolis, MD, but it was bottled in Pennsylvania, and didn't taste exactly the same as the Maine stuff.

Eddie Foy might have been a Moxie drinker, but the Yankee Doodle Dandy himself, George M. Cohan was actually a spokesperson for the drink (as was comic Ed Wynn), appearing0 in print ads (probably in Playbill) and posters that were displayed on Broadway.

Love this photo, it's great to see Moxie in lights, and also see the face of Tilly (by a weird coincidence, I'm wearing the Tilly T-shirt I bought in Asbury Park as I type this) looking down from on high, over that BICYCLES CHECKED sign.

The Verdict is in

From the comments we have seen a person has got to have a lot of "moxie" to drink Moxie.

More Moxie !

Growing up in New England Moxie was a staple in the house as both my parents and my live-in Uncle were addicted to it. As far as taste goes it is most definitely acquired! I tried it once as a kid and all I can remember is that it tasted like a bitter root beer with a shot of listerene and I have never touched that foul brew again !

Moxie flavor

It is more like a strange root beer with a bit of cherry added. It is still available in Maine where it originated.

About Moxie

I wonder if anyone here would care to comment on the flavor of Moxie. Besides Alaska, New England is the only part of the USA that I haven't lived in and/or traveled through, and I have missed out on tasting that piece of history. I've heard that it might resemble Dr. Pepper, slightly, but that it is pretty much an acquired taste.

Based on Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), Eddie Foy (who was portrayed by his son in the film) was a fan of Moxie.

Bicycles Checked

I wonder what BICYCLES CHECKED means? Is this like a coat check, where you leave your bicycle in a guarded location, perhaps for a fee?


What? No "It is to die for?"

It is

a pretty sound philosophy to my way of thinking. Epicurian

Roller Coaster of Death

At, see item 10, "Musical Scenic Express (Great Musical Railway) (1900 - 1905)."

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