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Next Slide Please: 1956

Next Slide Please: 1956

What better way to close out our circa-1956 Southern California slide show than with a slide show? This third box of Kodachromes from our summer vacation might look familiar, but don't let that fool you ... View full size.

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Nice projection equipment!

At first I thought it might be a Bell & Howell projector in the color photo, but I now see it's an Argus model with much smaller lenses.

Argyle was hep

Argyle was so 'hep' in the 1950's; referring to his socks. Then 'hep' became 'hip'. I see argyle is making a comeback; what is old is new again.

Classic Argus

A beautiful Argus 300 automatic slide projector. Uses 35mm slides. Vintage aqua green and grey, a classic accessory for any decor. With its vintage electro-static two tone paint, and its space age look, this is the perfect accessory for your vintage or retro decor.


Wow! We had the same Argus slide projector; when a bulb went it didn't just burn out, it exploded straight upward.

A possible clue.

The Coronet VSQ Brandy "snifter". It is of an odd size to be seen in a home, maybe these where given out as advertising. Perhaps someone owns a niteclub, restaurant or is in an alcohol related business.

Dress Code

Apparently these people dressed well more than occasionally . My guess, and so far nobody knows, they're Academics or Professionals. Don't forget we're talking about Southern California here.

Magic Lantern

I feel the day rapidly approaching when remembering the carousel projector will "date" me. But I don't remember this type of projector.

This shot makes me wonder if they went home after the wedding just to view slides. You might expect worse entertainment!

Love the couch!

It's amazing that we now have a photo of them watching the slides that someone apparently didn't appreciate, 50 years later! Their loss, but our gain (but I'm still hoping someone will recognize them and they will be THEIR gain, too).

Answer To Trivia

Paul Rand for Coronet Brandy.

[Ta-daaaa! - tterrace]:


Name the prominent graphic artist whose work figures in this photo.

I'm just dying to know

Who these people are!

Picture In Picture

I wonder if any of the slides on the table are of the photos uploaded this past week? As other readers mentioned, it would be great if someone out there recognized their old relatives. We love you Shorpy!

Back in the Day

When you honored your hostess or your guests by dressing up. When looking that good took some effort. When ladies looked like flowers when they went out. When gentlemen wore cuff links and crisp white shirts that didn't iron themselves.

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