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And Now a Word From Our Sponsor: 1911

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor: 1911

Atlantic City circa 1911. "Bathing in front of the Traymore." As well as giant billboards advertising various products both funct and defunct. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Million Dollar Pier

In the background is John Young's Million Dollar Pier, seen here, here, here and perhaps best of all here.

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Helmar is Ramleh spelled backwards. Ramleh or Ramla, is a city founded in the Eighth Century. Egyptian cigarettes were deemed more exotic than other Tailor Mades (as opposed to rolling your own). Attached is a WW1 Era ad flacking the smokes to be sent to our boys in uniform. Cigarette advertisements, highlighting Service Men and Women, were also popular during WW2. The Army 'K' Rations (meals ready to eat) contained a four pack of popular brand smokes.

Must ask

Why is the Gillette sign facing one way in the daytime photo and the other way in the nighttime photo brought to our attention by stanton_square? Has the sign been moved?

[It's also facing the other direction in this one. - tterrace]

Kondo & Co.

Kondo & Co. Importers of General Japanese Goods. Stores:

  • No. 6 West 33rd St., N. Y. City.
  • 218 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • 1031 Boardwalk, Atlantic City.
  • 1543-45 Boardwalk, Atlantic City.

The Oriental Economic Review, November 10, 1910.

Kondo & Co., who own one of the most prosperous shops in Atlantic City, was founded by Sajuro Kondo, who came to Atlantic City in 1896 from Boston, Mass., as a representative of Yamanaka, Amano & Co. He opened a shop of his own in 1900, beginning with a capital of only $1,600, and has achieved his present very positive success by the sheer force of his business acumen.

A night scene of this section of the boardwalk at Shave Yourself: 1910 where the signage at 1543-45 Boardwalk is "The Tokio." I can't figure out which of these photos came first.

Vaniman's airship

Good contemporary summary of the Vaniman Akron disaster here. More recent word is that the exhaust valves meant to decrease chances of explosion of hydrogen airships may have contributed to the disaster 15 min into its transatlantic flight 1000-2000ft aloft, killing 5 people.

Shredded Wheat Fans Unite!

I am the only creature in my house that buys and eats shredded wheat. Those biscuits must be properly splattered with milk or they'll go soggy on you. It takes years to perfect the perfect technique but the effort is well worth it. I would give anything to see it made up close and personal. Oh, the Bucket List just keeps growing!

The bride of 40 years, the kids and the grandkids think I'm nuts but what do they know?

Vaniman's Airship

The sign advertising "The Wreck of Vaniman's Airship" dates the photo to after July 2, 1912.

See Shredded Wheat Made

Now THAT'S entertainment!

"See Shredded Wheat made"

Well, that's the height of Edwardian excitement, I guess; a far cry from the entertainment offered in Atlantic City these days. I bet those large signs built on frameworks were all lit up at night.

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