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Asbury Park Boardwalk: 1905

Asbury Park Boardwalk: 1905

The Jersey Shore circa 1905. "Boardwalk at Asbury Park." Live it up while you can, folks. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Three Girls

I love the three young girls in the middle. Looks like they are skipping and so very happy to be alive in 1905.

Could that be a movie screen?

Notice the large square contraption in the left side of the photo. If it were turned facing the chairs it might serve as a movie screen. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your video

That song takes me back many years to when I was a kid. I remember hearing it often, but never knew its name.

Asbury Park Fishing Club?

I wonder if the building on the right on the pier is the Asbury Park Fishing Club. I can make out "A P ? Club" on the door and seems to be in the same location as the building here, even if it is not the same building.

Pryor's Tune

I have wondered about the name and history of that ditty since the second Truman administration. When the Cleveland weather precluded our going outside for recess (most days from October until April, if memory serves), our kindergarten teacher would have us skip and hop around in a big circle for 15 minutes while she rendered that piece on an out-of-tune upright, perhaps from one of the sheet music editions depicted in that You-Tube clip. This became such a standard practice that when my mother would enquire what we'd done at school that day, my reply was invariably, "Oh, we skipped and we jumped." Thanks for enlightening this old codger, tterrace. No, I have not yet seen Naples but yes, I can now die happy, if with damaged sinuses from spending five formative years in Babylon on Lake Erie.

More on Arthur Pryor

One of the most-recorded artists of the early 20th century, he also wrote this:

Strike up the band

Arthur Willard Pryor (1870-1942) was a trombone player who was originally with the Sousa Band from 1892 to 1904, as well as being a soloist he was also assistant conductor. He left the Sousa Band and formed his own, first touring and then making Asbury Park the home of the band.


Looks like a glorious summer afternoon of straw boaters, ladies' parasols, strong wind and bright sun. And yes, the couple in mid-amble down the boardwalk are indeed living it up.

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