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Happy Birthday to Us: 1951

"Linda's 4th birthday -- 1951." Not so coincidentally, today is Shorpy's sixth birthday. Happy Birthdays all around! 35mm Kodachrome. View full size.

"Linda's 4th birthday -- 1951." Not so coincidentally, today is Shorpy's sixth birthday. Happy Birthdays all around! 35mm Kodachrome. View full size.

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Happy Birthday !

To both Dave and Shorpy....

I will be 65 next week (2/21) so I remember parties like this (although, I must admit, I was never invitied to the "girls" parties). Boy & gals had separate parties when I was that age, even though we were too young to be attracted to the opposite sex then.

Our moms felt that the boys were too "rough" to party with the ladies, so they kept us away from scenes like this.



We got milk in those little glass bottles through grade school. Thery had foil tops that you removed and then stuck a straw in the milk to drink it. For some reason, drinking directly from the bottle was a no-no.


Happy Birthday to Shorpy and many thanks to Dave and the whole crew. What a treat and resource this site is. Here's how Shorpy has enriched my wife's and my lives:

The past five years we have driven from Durham to Rockford, IL (Sockfest-annual sock monkey festival at Midway History Museum.) Solely due to a single picture here, we made a side trip to Dwight, IL two years ago to see this station and the other fascinating sights/sites mentioned in the comments.

In two weeks, we'll be stopping off in Columbus, IL to check out the classic old soda fountain. It turns out that Columbus has more interesting buildings than we could see in several days.

Thanks again.

Feel cheated

Gee, when I was in grade school we only got small cartons of milk for recess.

An old joke

The milk bottles in glass reminds me of a joke that people from that era understand.

Why is cream more expensive than milk?

Its harder to get the cow to sit on the little bottle.

Happy Birthday Shorpy!!

Birthdays Galore

Having just celebrated my own birthday this week, I can appreciate a good party picture. I would have liked to attend this one but these gals are a little too old for me as I was only half their age when this was taken.

My compliments to the great crew here and the wizards behind the curtain who make it all work. May we all have many more happy birthdays.

Party People

This picture looks like any one of my 3 daughters Birthday Parties, albeit in the 1960s. My best to Shorpy's creators and founders, Dave and Ken. Thank you tterrace for your insights and the rest of the Shorpy commenters for their input.


I hope we can find Linda. In hope she is out there, somewhere, with good humor, enjoying her fans on Shorpy. We are contemporaries, and I am not going into geezerdom quietly!


Shorpy has become a spot I visit at least once a day to see the superb photos and enjoy the comments from all my fellow Shorpy fans. A true oasis of calm in this often insane world. Thanks Dave for all your work.

Happy Shorpday!

I'm proud to say I've been a Shorpian since Shorpy was 48 weeks old. Best site on the web, it is!

Milk Does A Party Good

Long gone are the days when milk was a party drink. And in such cute little bottles.

Milk Bottles

Those are classic individual bottles of milk that remind me of morning recess at school in the mid-1950s in Windsor, Ontario, when we received a half-pint bottle of milk. The milk was paid for with a ticket purchased in strips by my mother from the Silverwood's Dairy milkman who came to our back door. Birthday parties I attended in those days featured chocolate or strawberry milk. If it was really special you got a "Flav-R Straw". And just what is that glop they're eating?!

Happy Birthday Shorpy!!!

I'm sure you have your cupcakes and pointy party hats on. This party is all too familiar. Just adorable. It's a so see there aren't 15 little ones here. Mom took it easy. I wonder if this fab four are the same girls at the prom/homecoming image?? I bet they are.

[They would have to have undergone quite a growth spurt to turn into teenagers in five years! - Dave]

The coolness of party hats

has apparently diminished significantly since 1951. I can't recall the last party where I got to wear a pillbox hat.

Happy Birthday Shorpy!

And specially thank you Dave, tterrace and all the commenters. This is a wonderful community!

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