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Seabreeze: 1904

Seabreeze: 1904

        UPDATE: This is perhaps the earliest known example of a pig photobomb. See the comments for details.

Circa 1904. "The beach at Seabreeze -- Daytona, Florida." Open-air showcase for the latest styles in bonnets, bathing-costumes, self-propelled runabouts and light rigs. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.


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It's hard to tell, but the vehicle looks like a curved-dash Oldsmobile, the first American car to approach mass production.

Don't look, Ethel!

Is the guy on the right at the water line, naked? Maybe everyone is watching the hog so they don't see the...


Not only is that a centaur, but he's pulling a wagons with Santa Claus in the back.

An Alternate View

Another view here of what may or may not be Mr. Piggy.

Sea Creature Captured On Film

The ever elusive mer-pig, about to disappear beneath the waves once again.

Horseless carriage on Daytona Beach?

It appears that the vehicle in the middle foreground (with the people standing on the seats) is some kind of powered vehicle. Note the horn on the steering tiller and the lack of any kind of hitch for horses.

[Or as the caption terms it, a "self-propelled runabout." -tterrace]

Well harumph!!

I'm certainly not going swimming in the ocean after that pig has been in it!

Pigless Poke

There appears to be a Poke more or less centered, minus its Pig.


I noticed it right after I found the pig, then I felt compelled to make an account to find out if anyone else noticed -- and you did!

Daytona Concours d'Elegance

Little did they know what they started.


Jaws: The Phantom Menace. Starring Ham Solo as the bait.

Proof of centaurs

I am surprised that so far not a single person has noticed the centaur pulling the carriage at the right side. These are very rare beasts but the proof of their existence is in this picture.

Was life that slow 109 years ago?

I imagine not but I DO love the idea that the whole town turned out in their winter finery, riding bikes, carriages or just coming on foot to watch a pig take a swim.

Don't Mess With Me!

says the expression of the man in the full length striped bathing suit in the lower left corner.

If I were wearing that, I'd be angry at myself, too.


This would be a GREAT Pink Floyd album cover.

"Daytona 500" Origins

"Mom! Dad! There must have been 500 people at Daytona Beach today looking at that pig!"

Wilbur said

"Frankly, Orville, the breeze up at Kitty Hawk seems a lot better."

Dont let the pig distract you

From watching where you step!

There are quite a few horses on the beach you know.


Is that a pig I see in the surf?!

A pig?

That's a rather novel focal point at the beach!

Feral Pig

Object of attention.

I think I see a Segway

Looks like the idea of a personal transportation vehicle wasn't a modern idea. Or is that the forerunner of a dune buggy with the two standing riders?

Strange Creature

What kind of animal is in the surf right, center in the distance? It looks like a pig or boar. Maybe just a fat dog?

Sea Pig

The elusive Sea Bovine is drawing quite a bit of attention from the crowd. And not one person is trying to take a picture to post on Instagram! How will we ever know it actually happened?

Optical illusion

Just happened to notice that the carriage or buggy on the extreme right toward the middle of this photo has turned the horse into a centaur, as the horse's head blends right into a man's beach costume. Now I will look for a unicorn.


Are all of these people chasing down a lost pig?

Dog days

It sure doesn't seem that one would get any relief from the Florida heat on this day at the beach with ocean breeze and cool surf while dressed in corsets, long dresses, fussy hats, woolen suits, starched shirts, ties, stockings and hard shoes. The most comfortably dressed one in this picture is the dog.

[Florida was a winter resort. These people wouldn't have been at the beach in the summer. - Dave]

And Pigs?

Sure looks like a porker at water's edge!

Is that a pig

down by the water, or just a big dog? Seems to be attracting a bit of attention.

Slight chop on the beach

I was wondering why everyone was looking away from the camera until I spied the renegade pork chop down by the water.

Watching the pig?

I wondered what all their attention is focused on. Is it the small pig out by the water line?

Pulled Pork

Looks like a pulled pork dinner is likely.

Pig has his nose in the water. Is he going to be brined?

What a pig!

I mean the one about to take a dip with four legs.

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