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Hubert & Sally: 1952

Hubert & Sally: 1952

"Hubert at Claude's farm -- April 27, 1952." Hubert Tuttle and his Dalmatian, Sally, star in this latest episode of Minnesota Kodachromes -- which, though it has no soundtrack, does have a very loud shirt. 35mm color slide by Hubert's wife, Grace, brought to you by Shorpy and DeSoto. View full size.


On Shorpy:
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That DeSoto

Institutional light green over institutional dark green.


I drove a similar work car that was totaled in a head on with an Olds driven by an early morning drunk shortly after this photo was made. Other than being knocked unconcious when my head hit the steering wheel (no seat belts in those days), I was unhurt. I credit the DeSoto's front mass with adsorbing the impact.

I survived

I drove a similar DeSoto as a work car. Shortly after this image was made I was hit head on by an early morning drunk. Car was totaled. Other than being knocked unconscious when my head hit the steering wheel (no seat belts in those days) I was uninjured. To this day I credit the front mass of the vehicle for absorbing the impact.

Crew Chief Stand

Looks like the airplane people at the farm do their own maintenance. That red device in the corner of the aircraft hangar (just past the nose of the Desoto)is a "crew chief" maintenance stand. It has a handle on the side towards the camera. The mechanic tilts it up by the handle and rolls it on its two wheels up to the airplane. Looks like it even had "OSHA approved" guard rails way back in 1952.

Social Notes

In a week or so there will be a notice in the local weekly paper that "Hubert and Grace Tuttle of XXX motored to visit friends for five days near Blue Earth, Minnesota on April 25, 1952. While there they also visited YYY at St Mary's Hospital in Rochester."

The daily papers in Minnesota used to print pages of this kind of thing every week, sort of an early version of Facebook. They had correspondents in every town they served that would collect this information and forward it to the editor.

Oh my,

forget the shirt, forget the dog, forget the car, my oh my look at that biplane in the background.

[That's no biplane. It's the 1948 Stinson 108-3 Voyager monoplane seen here. There's also a second aircraft in each photo. - Dave]

Low-Fat Kibble

Sally needs to go on a diet. That is one fat Dalmatian.

Change of season

Late April. Minnesota. Must be 55 degrees at least. Time to break out the tropical shirt, but keep the wool pants on.

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