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Candid Kitchen: 1910

Candid Kitchen: 1910

From around 1910 comes this glass plate that Shorpy got years ago on eBay. Two people just minding their business who find themselves staring into the ravenous maw of the Internet. Names, location, photographer unknown. View full size.


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Is that a bell on a string around the kid's neck?

A bigger bread box

The box on the cabinet is likely a tin family-sized bread storage box. I bought a very similar black japan-painted one from a friend's grandmother's local estate sale about thirty-five years ago. It had provenance dating it to Granny's 1905 wedding in the same Victorian house as the sale's site.

Made to last!

I inherited my grandmother's wooden high chair, very similar to this one. Difficult to tell from the photo, but mine folds down and can be utilized as a stroller as well. It's amazing how items that were constructed back then were truly made to last. My high chair is still functional after 100 years!

10:19 AM

Well at least we know one thing about this mysterious photo- it was taken at 10:19 in the morning, assuming the clock is right. It would be nice to see more candid photos like this. Due to the expense and complexity of photography at the time most inside photos were carefully posed rather than candid glimpses of routine family life a century ago.

Peninsular Stove Company

This manufacturer was located in Detroit. Back in those days, most sizable towns and cities had stove companies that served their respective geographical areas, so it's possible this home is in the Michigan/Northern Indiana/Northwest Ohio area.

[Shorpy bought this glass negative (for 99 cents, six years ago) from a seller in Painesville, Ohio. - Dave]

Perilous pile

Stacking newspapers on a high shelf next to a stove - what could possibly go wrong?

On a completely different note: is that a zinc milk box next to the window?


So rare to see such a natural, candid shot from so long ago. And apparently shot with available light!


From the knobs, I surmise this is a gas stove with oven. Kitchen is a little messy but I bet the food was good. All in all, a good place for a little girl and her family to eat, grow, and love.

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