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Bedtime Bros: 1910s

From the early 1900s comes this nightshirted posse of college men, possibly in Wyoming. Three cheers for old Pimento U! 4x5 glass negative. View full size.

From the early 1900s comes this nightshirted posse of college men, possibly in Wyoming. Three cheers for old Pimento U! 4x5 glass negative. View full size.


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Coke Sign

I see that the college tradition of stealing beverage advertising signs to hang in one's dorm room has a long and distinguished history.

No, not from P.U.

The "W" on the shirt of the fellow in the back row means they're from Wossamotta U.

The future Mr. Torrance

Nice to know that the young lad seated at left end of the front row found gainful employment a few years later at the Overlook Hotel.

Don't Blink!

A shout out to Doctor Who my friend. JohnHoward, well done.

Maybe the Doctor took the picture and they were all looking at his sonic screwdriver

Possibly altered?

There is more to their eyes than just their bizarre widths. It looks like the photo may have been altered (pre Photoshop of course.)

This is most noticeable with the gentlemen to the left and center in the middle row. Look carefully at the one in the center with the black robe. His eyes are actually closed. We are looking at an image of eyes on his eyelids. Perhaps they were put there in prank for the photo back in 1900, or they were added afterward.

Anyone else see this?

[Typical of magnesium-flash illumination; the burst is long enough to expose the eyes open as well as closed when the flash causes the subjects to blink, thus resulting in the superimposition. There have been a number of other examples published on Shorpy. -tterrace]

Good ole P.U.!

Any day with a Dover Boys reference is a good day, indeed.

[Curse you, Dan Backslide! -tterrace]

Animal House, version 1.0

Looks like some of these guys could be the grandfathers of Otter, Flounder, Bluto, Niedermeyer, et al.

In reply to Vintagetvs (Re: "Wide Awake")

Coca-Cola still contained cocaine, circa 1900, did it not?

["Partly true" says Snopes. -tterrace]

Shorpy Fans

It's nice to see that these fine lads are fans of this website's namesake.

Are They Stoned?

Wow. Creepy.

Wide awake.

At couple of these guys seem to have consumed an entire pot of Coffee right before this was taken.

Lace curtains

Nice to see they've been a men's dorm-room staple for more than a century!

Where's Waldo

Is hiding a photo of Shorpy a new game, like where's Waldo? I haven't seen that before!

Not just a "girl thing"

Looks like proof that the idea for pajama parties started with young men as early as 1900, even though it has evolved to be more of a feminine gathering throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. From having a daughter, I know the girls style their hair, try on new make-up, play music and dance, eat pizza, gossip and stay up late, but what on earth did the guys do?

Before we used 'say cheese'

They evidently instructed people 'Now, whatever you do, don't blink!'

What's Shorpy doing here?!?!

This has to be the most bizarre photo yet. The folks who complain that the kitty photos are created with posed cadavers should have a field day with this one!

I just hope that the fellow on the right is somehow sitting on a wire waste-paper basket and not a canary cage.

Alpha Phi Shorpy

Brothers, don't look directly at the flash.


What was behind the camera that so many of these young men are wide-eyed, almost terrified?

[Magnesium flash powder. - Dave]

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