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Tour de Fence: 1900

Tour de Fence: 1900

From the early 20th century, somewhere in the Northeast, comes this 4x5 inch glass negative with the caption "L.K. -- bicycles at spring." View full size.


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I Saw Her Too

No strong drink for me today but on the smaller version I see an old gnarly woman offering a skateboard to our bike hikers.

Tomorrow with the Thanksgiving cocktails I might be seeing the Andrews Sisters but as a sober man today I see the old woman too.

No helmets...

but funny hats are mandatory!

The old woman...

JohnHoward good eye. Didn't see that until after you pointed it out. Didn't see it at all when the image was enlaged.

American Graffiti

Liking the carvings on the roots at the base of the tree. Looks like those are circa 1895.

I remember those

I used to wear those kind of metal clips on my pants legs too when bike riding (so that said pants did not get tangled up in the spokes etc) Looks like they've been around for quite awhile...and is anybody else a bit baffled by the pose of the fella on the far left? He is semi-lying down while leaning both on his friend and his hand i.e. it looks both odd and quite uncomfortable!

End of the line

"We'll have to wait until they invent the Mountain Bike to get across this"

That Old Woman!

JohnHoward, I wasn't going to say anything about it, but yes, I saw the "old woman" the instant I looked at this photo.



These look like pretty good bikes, but they don't seem to have any brakes unless they're coaster brakes. I've ridden track bikes where you had to resist the foreward rotation of the pedals to slow down, and it would really scare me to try the same thing on the open road. Is that what these bikes had?

Old Woman

JohnHoward - not the only one. It jumped out at me from the smaller view. Somewhat less apparent at full size.

Where is everyone ridind?

3 bikes and 5 people with no fenders - where did everyone ride?

The old woman

Am I the only one who sees the 'old woman' back beyond the fence, shawl over her shoulder, leaning forward with outstretched hand?

Rest Break

Here the lads stop to water their mounts.

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