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High and Tight: 1960

High and Tight: 1960

"11:45 a.m. 8-11-60. Jerry after haircut. f11 1/50." 35mm Kodachrome snagged on eBay for $3.99, photographer and location unknown. View full size.


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Every boy had one

These autos were the chosen toys for all boys until the video/gaming era. We had a fixation with cars. This one reminds me more of a '58 Chevy than any other car. I played with my cousins '37 Ford Skippy.

Fairly Rare

I presume, to find so much info on a slide you come across.

[You'd be surprised. - Dave] HA!

Standard issue haircut

The haircut all of us had in those days. Often administered by dad in the basement, you sitting on a stool with a bed sheet wrapped around you. Oh yeah, and constantly being told to "Hold still!"

I'm pretty sure

That I won that race. I called this car "Fireball 8," though I or my parents might have made up the name. I'm sure I put at least 50,000 miles on the thing before the (single) drive axle broke and that was the end. Also a Kodachrome slide, taken and more recently, scanned, by my late father.

In the window

Love that ornate lampshade! And the pedal car -- I am sure intentionally ambiguous to not offend the very loyal auto buyers of that era. Remember sitting with the adult males and listening to the arguments about why THEIR favorite car was the best.

Boy, sitting around actually talking -- now that never happens any more.

Murray Holiday pedal car

Photo of an unrestored one selling for $525; also, a restoration parts list.

Pedal car memory

Still remember bloodying my toes peddling one of those things barefoot.

One For You Too

When I was about this young man's age I had a similar pedal operated vehicle that kind of resembled a 1950 Mercury. It had a painted-on license plate from "Any State" with the numbers 14U2.

A Chevord

The grille work looks like it was inspired by a 59 Galaxie. The ornament is probably deliberately ambiguous, not quite Chevy, not quite Ford, but more Chevy - without the bowtie in the center.

[Adding to the mix, "Holiday" would imply Oldsmobile. - Dave]


Looks like a 59 Ford front end, wonder if he has a hitch on the rear for the Radio Flyer wagon hiding in the garage.

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