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Crunch Time: 1958

Oakland, California, circa 1958. Another look at the motor mashup seen here yesterday. 4x5 acetate negative, ex newspaper archive. View full size.

Oakland, California, circa 1958. Another look at the motor mashup seen here yesterday. 4x5 acetate negative, ex newspaper archive. View full size.


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Looks like this happened in '56 according to the license plate.

[The 1956 plates were used through 1962, with yearly renewal stickers applied only to the rear plates. -tterrace]

Little kid with gun

Look on the right side of the photo. Behind the little boy in the white T-Shirt the boy behind him has a gun resting on the ground. Likely just a BB/Pellet Gun but still interesting.

Totally totaled

The "B" pillar was no match for the impact it received. Back then those were not an integral part of the body structure, but were welded in place after the sides and the roof had been installed, so they basically provided support to the doors but did not add much to the structural rigidity of the car. As a result, the whole right side of the body was crushed on impact.

This is a very impressive photo. Seen from the other side the car didn't looked that badly damaged. No doubt cars have evolved a lot in the last sixty years.

Not to worry about the damage

I'm pretty sure that Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen are in the Nash just entering the picture. While Lois and Jimmy will get the facts and pictures, Clark will slip into an (alley, phone booth) and change into his underwear (aka Superman costume) and set things right. Later, Lois will ask, "Just where were you when Superman did his thing"? Clark will have some cock and bull story that would never pass muster anywhere else on thus planet. Lois will nod her pretty little head and let it pass.

Little cutie

The little girl on the right edge is so cute and looks like she's enjoying being photographed!

She's not shy

Gotta love the little girl on the right. She always seems to know where the camera is in BOTH of the pictures from this accident that I've seen.

Back in the days

When "texting in traffic" meant reading a newspaper.

The girl by the police car

Looks like a camera in her hands.

Down on the Corner

Astounding, ssLiberte. Though it's not visible in the photo, at the end of this block is the Duck Kee Market, made famous by the cover of Creedence’s Willie and the Poor Boys. Sadly, the store closed, someone stole the sign, and the building was remodeled into something unrecognizable.


The location of this photo is 3275 Hollis Street in Emeryville, CA.

[Bravo. What were your clues? - Dave]

It's My Opinion

That won't buff out.

Definitely totaled

Wow. With the shot this thing took (above the frame, so no protection from that), not even three-point belts and side and curtain airbags would have helped anyone riding in the passenger side. It's a '54 Plymouth Belvedere (we can see the chrome trim above the right taillight, above the truck's right-hand mirror).

Looking forward to more of these crash scene photos. Takes me back to the driver's ed films from the '50s and '60s that we were forced to watch in high school.

[Hence the Signal 30 tag. - Dave]

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