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To Mars in the Air Ship: 1905

To Mars in the Air Ship: 1905

Circa 1905. "Along the boulevard -- Revere Beach, Massachusetts." All aboard for the Red Planet! 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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To Mars in an Airship

In 1905 Billy Murray's great song was released. I wonder if they were dancing to that tune in the Nautical Gardens.

By threes

I think our dear editors at Shorpy are feeling antsy for warmer days. But hey, soon it will be March, and the winds will blow in warmer. But thank you for this trifecta of Revere Beach. I too would like to step into a booth or through some "gate" and find myself there -- a warm summer day, sitting along the wall and just absorbing everyday life in 1905. I'd have to dress the part to not draw attention. I'd rummage through the attic to see what I can find. Just for an hour to start, lest I be arrested for vagrancy.

That fellow on the left,

It seems that it was his casual Friday. Very daring for him not to wear a full woolen suit with a hat on a hot, humid, sunny summer day. I dig his style.

Beach bonfire in waiting

Burned. (Of course !!)
Multiple times:
First in 1918 (taking out some structures to the to the left [not seen] and the Metropolitan Hotel on the right).
Then again in 1927.

A little traveling music professor, if you please

Haven't made a comment on Shorpy for a very long time but this photo hit me with the time travel blues. Wouldn't it be great to travel back to 1905, walk along looking in the shops, checking out what the people were wearing, listen in to their conversations to see what the talk of the day was, and best of all - strike up a few conversations to hear their opinions on whatever subject they chose. It would be fascinating. Thanks to Dave and his Shorpy, a journey of the mind is a welcome trip.

More Evidence

I'll take your word on the shirt collar but is he using (or trying) to use his phone? Possibly not time travelling rather a glitch in the Matrix. He may have been gone a picosecond later.

Still there

This picture was taken probably within minutes of Rough Riders: 1905, just below this post. The same boy is sitting in the same place, to the far right, on the wall by the pavilions with his back to Broad Sound and his front to the idle pursuit of people-watching. Looks to have been an uncomfortably hot day; he was probably trying to decide between a Lemonade "To Order" and a soda fountain Coca-Cola, from Trask's. Both a bargain at five cents.

A man from another era

This man doesn't look dressed like those of his time. He does not have a hat, he has a shirt with rolled up sleeves, tight pants and neatly combed back hair. He looks more like a man from the 1950s. Really unbelievable.

[A 1905 shirt collar, though. - Dave]

Fun & Frolic

Meanwhile, in "The Pit" --

Slide, Chutes, Whirl-a-Gig, Barrel of Fun, Crazy Stairs, the Twirler, Shaker and Trick Steps.

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