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Seven Up: 1942

        Happy Valentine's Day from Shorpy, who made his very first post 15 years ago today, back in 2007.
John Vachon shot eight exposures of this fellow in Grand Island, Nebraska, in May 1942, and none of them has a caption, so you'll just have to use your imagination. View full size.

        Happy Valentine's Day from Shorpy, who made his very first post 15 years ago today, back in 2007.

John Vachon shot eight exposures of this fellow in Grand Island, Nebraska, in May 1942, and none of them has a caption, so you'll just have to use your imagination. View full size.


On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Thanks for the Memories ... :)

Dave, Thanks for all the wonderful pics you have enlightened us with over these 15 years ... And then there's your wit too. HAHA.

Thanks CommishBob

I hope it's OK to say a thank you to CommishBob for what he posted to this thread. His post touched me, and I just want to thank you Commish for devoting your career to the youngsters. They no doubt loved you.

Lucky Us!

¡Felicidades! Happy Anniversary! And many thanks for all these years of wonderfully curated, engrossing photos.

Always a day late

And $1.36 short (inflation adjusted). Happy Birthday Shorpy, Ken, Dave, tterrace and all of us! Shorpy remains sui generis!

Hooked on Shorpy

I don't know if I have been a fan of the Shorpy site for 15 years but I have sure been a fan for a long time. Best Wishes to both the administrators and the other fans of Shorpy. I hope you have, at least, another 15 years of success.

Shorpy's tenth

To celebrate Shorpy’s fifteenth birthday, I went back to the post that celebrated the tenth birthday. I invite you all to go visit and read the comments from back then. Amidst all the nostalgia of revisiting half a decade ago, I must confess to a feeling of sadness at reading the names of commenters who no longer appear.

Happy belated anniversary!

I look forward, every evening, to the Shorpy post! For me, going on 7 years. Essentially, a time machine to look back at interesting times. I’ve learned so much from Shorpy in these 7 years. Thank you Dave for a wonderful daily stop for all of us!

Happy anniversary!

Wishing you happines and joy from running shorpy.
Best regards.


My first thought was "Guys and Dolls" ...

Shorpy was built on more than a roll of the dice.

As my father used to say while shooting dice, "Papa needs a new pair of shoes!"
Adding my thanks to Dave for setting up and running Shorpy. Without Dave’s wit, knowledge, and wisdom, it would be just another “vintage photos” site. To those who have ever said or done something dumb and felt the slash of Dave’s quirt of wrath, stand proud. You have earned the right to wear Shorpy’s bloodied but unbowed, golden badge of honor. Combining all elements, Shorpy is an outstanding site that keeps people coming back for more. Thanks very much Dave, colleagues and contributors and Happy Birthday Shorpy!

[Aw shucks. Also: The "role" of the dice is to roll. - Dave]

Ha! Ya got me Dave - putting on my golden badge. Role/roll now corrected.

Dice memories

I spent nearly 40 years teaching elementary PE and I used oversized, homemade dice exactly like these regularly in all sorts of games and activities. The eight foot 4x4 i chopped up way back when was a super investment. I sure miss being around those kids. They kept me young.

And a slightly belated Happy Anniversary to Shorpy and the whole crew that makes it such an interesting and essential daily stop for me. Here's to 15 more!

Teneha, Timpson, Bobo, and Blair!

The old Houston, East and West Texas rail line ran through Shelby County, Texas and the tiny hamlets of Teneha, Timpson, Bobo, and Blair were all stops along the line. The conductors' alliterative calls announcing the train's stops were picked up by craps shooters the same way "eighter from Decatur, the county seat of Wise" was a popular Texas-based craps call when rolling an 8.

According to lore, the craps call was diffused widely during WWII and Tex Ritter, son of nearby Panola County, had a hit song that mentioned the conductors' call.

Happy Birthday, Shorpy ... I just checked my profile and found I've been coming to this site 14 years, 17 weeks. That's a lot. Thanks Dave, Tterrace and team.

Goober Pea

Happy Anniversary and Thanks

You can't imagine (or maybe you can) how much I enjoy Shorpy. It's my first stop every morning, and I especially enjoy visits to my current and former homes in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Maine, and Providence, and anything by Marion Post Wolcott. And along the way, I have learned a lot of history, geography, and photography.

A few years too early, but . . .

Our mystery man looks like Richard Widmark as the horrible Tommy Udo in "Kiss of Death" (1947).

My proposed captions

Sweets Bayne of Grand Island, Nebraska says he wants the cops to catch him playing craps.

Sweets Bayne of Grand Island, Nebraska ordered loaded dice; didn't read the fine print.

Sweets Bayne of Grand Island, Nebraska has to stand on his money when it's his turn to roll.

Hang On

You ever think that maybe the dice are normal size, and the man being shown is actually only about a foot tall? Some government experiment gone awry in Nebraska, The "Grand Island Project" or something akin?

Okay, maybe not.

Virtual Monopoly

He's trying to get to "Park Place" in a game of Virtual Monopoly?

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Love may be a crapshoot, but Shorpy is a sure thing. For me it's been 13 years 29 weeks at the Shorpy table.

You think those dice are big

You ought to see his windshield.

Open open open

The early combination lock.

Thanks Dave for the past 15!

Curiouser and curiouser

Many years ago, as a neophyte blogger, I Googled something like, "best blogs to read" ... and a shortish list popped up that purported to comprise the absolutely essential blogs of the day. Besides Shorpy, I remember only two others: The Everywhereist, and one whose name I'd rather not mention. The only one I have visited more than once is Shorpy; I took one look and was hooked, and yes, it is essential to me. Much appreciation, Dave, for the knowledge and hours of enjoyment you have added to my life with this great work.

As for today's photo, I don't know from giant dice games but our mystery man does have a fistful of folding money. Maybe he's betting his shadow that with the right combination, the door will open. Mr. Vachon must have had some extra time on his hands.

Dicey Inspiration

That the big dice begat the idea for Giant Jenga is unlikely but the dice would be easier to tote.

Time Flies and then gets blurry ...

Only 15 years! Feels like at least 20 plus to me. I found the site early on, finally signed up a few years later and have enjoyed almost every post.

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