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Jupiter R.R.: 1896

Jupiter R.R.: 1896

Florida circa 1896. "Jupiter & Lake Worth R.R." And one hound dog who didn't have to wait for the invention of the pickup truck. Dry plate glass negative by William Henry Jackson. Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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That Cord

The cord between the passenger car and the tender is probably the Conductor's communicating signal bell rope for getting the engineer's attention. It seems to pass through a grommet in the end of the car roof. One very sharp clang of the gong in the cab means "train has come uncoupled"!

Baldwin Engine

Baldwin did produce rectangular plates during the 1880's, alternating them with the round plates.

And thanks to David Emery for passing my link to the J&LW site, for more interesting old railroad photos and history please visit

Don Hensley


I don't know if that is a wire running to the coach or not, but the box on the tender is a tool box. Headlamp is standard oil burner type so probably no electricity on the train.

Shoeless Joe

Poor fellow standing on front of engine with no shoes on. He'd be disciplined for sure on today's railroads. Heck, to go near a running locomotive today, I must have safety glasses, ear protection, safety vest, gloves and proper boots. Great picture.


The detail and tone on that locomotive is amazing.

Jupiter & Lake Worth

What a wonderful litle piece of Americana! A short-line narrow gauge railroad that lasted but a handful of years, but was filled with local color and quirky personalities. Stuff like this is one of many reasons we look at Shorpy every day.

Thanks Dave.

Circa 1889-1896

According to the interesting link provided by David Emery, the J&LW operated from 1889 to 1896, and took 35 minutes to make its 7.5 mile run. It, and its connecting steamboat lines, were put out of business by Flagler's mainline railroad, some of whose hotels were featured here several months back.

Technology Marches Onward

Is that a DC battery and wire leading from the tender to the car? If so, I can see the advantage of electric lighting as opposed to oil lamps.

Does anyone out there know how many locomotives were running on wood vs. coal in 1898?

Celestial Railroad

Sometimes called that because it made stops at Venus and Mars before it ended at Jupiter. With no turnarounds on the 7½ mile line, the train was always pointed toward Lake Worth, running backward one way and forward the other.

Jupiter & Lake Worth RR

Squeaky Pooch

Is that guy fixin' to oil the hound?

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