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Married Life: 1904

Circa 1904. "We are on our way home." Detroit Publishing. View full size.

Circa 1904. "We are on our way home." Detroit Publishing. View full size.


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Same Donkey

as in the Eeyore Express picture. Cart isn't going anywhere since it's sitting on it's front "legs."

First Smart Car

This could be the prototype of the very first Smart Car. Small engine, uses little fuel, room for one or two passengers. Although, at this time, I think it was called Smart Cart.

Nobody Meaner

I doubt this was the inspiration for the Jan and Dean song, but wouldn't it be nice if this was where they built Colorado Boulevard?

Mail Order Bride

The new husband is proud at his purchase, while the Bride is thinking "$h!t, I should have stayed in Baltimore."

Her sleeves are rolled up!

Oh, the scandal!

Oh, the memories

I wss married to an ass for many years. But not as good looking as the one in the photo.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

This scene reminds me of the old Virginia Slims television commercials that depicted the hard-working but disobedient woman sneaking off for a smoke, only to be caught by her disapproving husband. This was followed by a cut to the present day (1960s) when a fashionable modern woman could smoke with impunity while groovy '60s music played.

California clues

Eucalyptus trees, a cask with a South Pasadena stamp, typical foothill vegetation (dry), and a burro who patiently poses for the "zany" photo shot. Going to hazard a guess this is Southern California. We were a strange lot even back then.

Donkey Serenade

Dare I say it, but that poor woman's husband is an ass!

Reverse wheelbarrow

Talk about back-assward.

Very funny!

Early photographic humor at the expense of the poor mule. Or is it a joke about women? I dunno! You be the judge!

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