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Lexington Market: 1903

Lexington Market: 1903

Circa 1903. "Lexington Market, Baltimore, Maryland." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.



Barber pole in the lower right of this photo marked my great-grandfather's shop. Louis Valentine Jung cut hair at that location for more than sixty-five years. The lady hanging from the window would be my great-grandmother, the former Elizabeth Mangold. Pop Jung lived to ninety-six years old.

Sawhorse Spotting

Rooftop sawhorses may not be so unique. Check out the trio of sawhorse wire poles on top of the Acme Hotel and Restaurant in the Duluth 1900 photo.

One brick, two bricks...

I can't believe the clarity of this shot! I can count each and every cobblestone and brick in the buildings. 8x10 negs are awesome!

Hey, where's my sawhorse?

Of the gazillion fascinating details in this photo, none strike me as odd as the sawhorse on the rooftop in the lower center of the picture. It's been tilted and tethered between the upper and lower fascia, and appears to be serving as a makeshift utility power pole crossarm. With a magnifying glass I can make out what looks like a pair of insulators mounted on the sawhorse with the two wires dangling down over the roof.

Baby Ruth

This photo really shows the atmosphere of old Baltimore during the Babe's youth.

I can't find what I need.

Where are the vegan and gluten free alternatives?

Nuttin like today's Lexington Market.. Hun..

Lexington market is still there.. but a different shape..,-76.621689&spn=0....

But.. do them old guys have a Polock Johney's Hun?? Oops.. per their website, they don't have one there anymore..

There is still a market like the old one pictured in the center of Broadway in Fells Point..

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