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Brooklyn Terminal: 1903

New York circa 1903. "Brooklyn Terminal at Brooklyn Bridge." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

New York circa 1903. "Brooklyn Terminal at Brooklyn Bridge." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Picture comments

JeffPicks, How are you getting such a good closeup of the sign painter. When I try to zoom in it just pixelates like crazy, even after choosing "View Full Size."

[I made the closeup from the full-resolution tiff, which is much bigger than the "View full size" image. - Dave]

Beds 15¢

I don't know Brooklyn streets well, but I've read plenty of old Brooklyn crime history. The roominghouse sign just below the track, PROSPECT HOUSE, caught my attention. Would the street below the sign boards be Prospect Place? Which was the location of the 1927 double murder carried by papers from coast to coast. Shorpy provides handy street maps for some D.C. photos, but not for the recent New York images, which are so rich in detail.

In the distance

Is that the Woolworth Building being erected across the river?

Summer Steam

Notice that almost every building across the river has a plume of steam rising from the top. Then notice that the pedestrians on the bridge are all wearing clothing for temperate weather (no overcoats). It's interesting to think of the great metropolis running on steam power. The little factory on the right that is obviously steam powered -- but all the "new" skyscrapers have live steam running through them.


This pic screams urbanization to me. The structures, the steel, the concrete, the trolleys, the clouds of smoke. The people are dwarfed by it all.


I've always wondered why that particular company came up with the name "Cremo" as a brand name for its nickel cigars. Seems like a name like that would be more suited for use as a hair tonic or as a milk product of some sort.

Shades of the 1960s

It looks like the Marlboro Man got his start on the Quaker Oats sign!

59 Cures Grip

So I had to check. "Grip" was another name for influenza. Tucker's 59 cough drops must have been quite powerful.

[Most commonly spelled "grippe." - Dave]

No excuses!

If your place of work was on the other side of the bridge. This bridge had the levels, the lanes, the tracks to accommodate trains, streetcars, pedestrians, autos, and carriages. Your tax dollars really at work.

Xed Out

Eagle warehouse is the last man standing on the Brooklyn side. Most of the surrounding area area fell victim to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Career ladder

I imagine the following week there was a job opening for a sign painter.


I love these views, and could not help but note the "Carter's Little Liver Pills" signs. As I recall, they were quite successful with that until the Feds got into the act, and they became "Carter's Little Pills" instead.

Capturing the Nity-Gritty

I love this shot because rather than the majestic views of this wonderful bridge that we have all seen and enjoyed, this photograph shows so clearly what the bridge does.

NYC Done Right

Thanks for the latest series of NYC photos, Dave. I particularly enjoyed them because they were all shot within walking distance of my apartment. Happy New Year to all you Shorpsters, and thanks again to Dave and staff for another year of glimpses into the past.

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