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Detphoco: 1903

Detphoco: 1903

New York circa 1903. "Detroit Photographic Co., 229 Fifth Avenue." Another of Detroit Photo's Manhattan stores. 8x10 inch glass negative. View full size.


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Special toilet euphemisms

Amolin's most common use was as a menstrual deodorant.

Toilet issues

"Toilet" refers to general dressing, grooming and hygiene, not to what we call "toilet", as in potty.

The act or process of dressing or grooming oneself. Dress; attire; costume. The cleansing of a body area as part of a surgical or medical procedure. Archaic: A dressing table.

From the French "toilette" for clothes bag, from Old French tellette, diminutive of teile, cloth.

Forget Abercrombie and Fitch

I want a Fullencamp and McGonigal sweatshirt.

The chap with the bowler


Fullencamp and McGonigal

The only gentile tailors in New York.

Be wary of generals

who speak in the third person.


Exactly what are those "Special Toilet Uses"?

Graffiti Artist

Looks as if the building to the left has been tagged. OK, it's probably chalk. But if someone doesn't get some water and a rag on it next it'll be soap on the windows!


I love the graffiti on the wall. Very well executed.

Before Viagra

There was Amolin, Bénédictine and the Hotel Brunswick.

Analog Ads

The signs are awesome. We have electronic billboards everywhere now, but there is something to be said about old-style advertising.

Legend has it

that the Brunswick was a hard place to get a room and the General was a real stiff!

The Graffiti Menace

As a lifelong New Yorker, I find this to be a fantastic photo.

The highlight for me is the little chalk graffito on the wall of a man in profile. Watch out, New York! This is how it starts!


The Museum of Sex is across 27th from where the General's specialty was located.

Amolin Deodorant Powder

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting
North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association

Amolin Deodorant Powder

Amolin Chemical Company. The label bears this statement concerning Amolin: "Destroys all odors of perspiration." "Wherever it touches it instantly deodorizes. Its wonderful healing and deodorizing properties combined with absolute harmlessness make it infinitely superior to any preparation hitherto sold. Amolin powder relies chiefly for its antiseptic, deodorizing, and therapeutic potency upon a coal-tar derivative of the phenol hydrocarbon series, which differs from carbolic acid in being agreeable in odor, healthy, and absolutely harmiess."

The analysis of Amolin shows it to contain about 29% of boric acid and a small quantity of thymol. Alum and zinc, which are frequently used in preparations of this kind, were absent. No salicylic acid, phenol, or any similar organic substance except thymol, was found present. The statement on the label evidently is intended to refer to thymol, but as there is only such a small quantity of thymol present, the antiseptic properties of the powder must be due to the boric acid alone

Kilroy was there

In full profile this time; maybe he started peeking over fences in WWII so he wouldn't get shot at?

Rumor had it

... that the General was a real stickler about making the privates in his outfit stand at attention.


Evidently Kilroy's dad was here.

Sign of the times

Who could have guessed that this innocuous example of artistic expression was an omen of things to come, a visual plague that would morph from desecration to gallery art?

And just up the street

The Museum of Sex is apparently at 233 Fifth Avenue now.

Military protocol

Sure the General begins it, but the grunt work is usually done by the Privates.

DO NOT go in there!

The Brunswick appears to be the opposite of a no-tell hotel.

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