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Hands Up: 1910

The Jersey Shore circa 1910. "Hands up on the beach at Atlantic City." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

The Jersey Shore circa 1910. "Hands up on the beach at Atlantic City." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Summer is here!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

A keeper

Can we make this a first day of summer picture?

Not the typical "smile for the camera"

There was a time when people didn't need much to have real fun. And you can see it in their faces. Not the typical "smile for the camera" -- they are having a good time, and you can tell. Sometimes I wonder why we today are so hard to please. We have motion pictures, radio, television (with 300 channels) computers with Internet, but sometimes it's not enough for us, "It's all so boring!"

We should learn the lesson this people are teaching us. That's why I find this photo so special.

Definitely my favourite photo

I see it so full of life, people looks so relaxed, happy and stressless. It's unique. Greetings from Argentina.

Whatchoose lookin' at?

I clearly see some fist pumpin' going on there.

What a great picture!

The exuberance of being at the shore in the heat of summer is wonderful to see. This photo captures it so well!

It is interesting to note that in those days, everyone within sight was Caucasian.

Thank goodness!

At least the women had the decency to wear woolen stockings in the water.

No, no, I said "Raise your HANDS"

You can put Hans down, Mr. Finkelman.

These Folks Are Having Fun!

These folks sure look like they're having fun. Enlarge that picture, put the stout guy in the right foreground, and have a look. I like the women's woven sunhats, too - whaddya think - did the conical shape result in a chimney effect, helping to keep them cool?

I really like this picture, and think it is one of the best "people" candids I've seen for a long time.

Hands up

If you think it's preposterous that in 100 years someone with a so called "wireless laptop" will be viewing this photograph while sitting on a chair in their living room.

"Hellooo People of the Future!"

"Are you enjoying your flying motor cars and disease-proof bodies?"

On newsstands tomorrow

The 1910 Sports Illustrated Swim Gown Issue!


All those who think it's crazy to wear woolen bathing suits and full length dresses to the beach, raise your hand.

Demonstrating "The Stagnant Pond"...

The precursor to "The Wave".

I am waiting

for the "they are all dead now " comment.

Crime Scene

This is a stickup, put your hands up and nobody move.

Jersey Shore

Where are all the artificial tans? Where's the bar violence? Where's the misogyny?


People DID like to have fun and smile back then. So good to know!

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