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The Artist in His Studio: 1902

Detroit, Michigan, circa 1902. "Artist for Richmond & Backus, printers and binders." A bohemian lair with lots of flair. 8x10 glass negative. View full size.

Detroit, Michigan, circa 1902. "Artist for Richmond & Backus, printers and binders." A bohemian lair with lots of flair. 8x10 glass negative. View full size.


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That's the old Detroit Yacht Club burgee on the pillow.


What creature is in the cage?

[Wild paper. That's a wastebasket. - Dave]

I understand

My cabin home which is also my workshop is indeed a variation on
this theme. It may appear a mess to you, but to me it's just right.

Kitty in the cage

See the little white kitten caged on the lower left? And why is it in a cage, do you think. Or, is that a rodent? I'd say this is an opulent studio for the times, and this work appears to be work product rather than personal art. Or, could be he is freelance and works and lives in this one room. Interesting photo in any event.

[Maybe you mean lower right, not left. That's a wastebasket. - Dave]

Horseshoe status

I guess he is down on his luck.

I enjoy looking at this picture

I enjoy looking at all the objects, art and details in this picture. I especially like the contented expression on the artist's face while doing his work.


I guess the horseshoe is for good luck, but the snake and skeleton is anyone's guess. He certainly had flair and talent, do we have a name?


He seems to have missed his spittoon a lot.

Pennies From Heaven

At first I thought that was a remarkably modern ceiling lamp for 1902, but now I see it's a twirling parasol. You've gotta look at these shots three or four times to see it all, and even then you can miss something!

What a room!

Wish I could go back there and visit for a while.

Dorm decor

Mexican blanket thrown over a chest -- hey, that's my old dorm room. All it needs is a mini fridge.

Death by tchotchke

I have a case of the vapours just looking at all this dusty bric-a-brac. Quite a collection. Nary a space left blank on the room canvas. I like the Less is More school of thought these days, although this room is quite typical of the time period. I like the lighting in this photo. Quasi-symbolic of the artist's inspiration.

In my room

When I still lived at home and my room started looking like this my late mom used to say "clean up your room or else I will" so I always knew when I was slipping into serious hoarding behaviors.

"Mucha Girl"

He was influenced by art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, as he has one of his posters on the wall, plus his work is in the same general style.

Trompe l'oeil

I love the little skeleton hung on the wall on the right. I wonder what the framed scrap of paper directly in front him is? Is that lamp diffuser made from glass or paper?

[The framed scrap of paper is an illustration of a woman; the "paper" is a reflection of the window. The "lamp" is a parasol. - Dave]

We got us a regular Howard Pyle here.

Is that an articulated skeleton from a human fetus or merely a convincing puppet hanging there with the opium pipe and luck-draining horseshoe? Those little touches really make a studio feel like home.

Looks like he's ready to paint Trilby in the "altogether."

Ladies Man

He does seem to have a special focus to his art: lady faces with hats and lady faces without hats.

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