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Wring Out the Old: 1905

The Jersey Shore circa 1905. "A wringing match." Show us your knees! 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

The Jersey Shore circa 1905. "A wringing match." Show us your knees! 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Surf slippers

Swim shoes were still around in the 1930s. I wore them as a child as did most people whenever entering the surf because it was often very rocky. Having said that, In the early 1900's I suspect "fully clothed" was the justification for shoes.

Bathing shoes

Bathing shoes were often worn, just as many people wear them these days at the beach partly for modesty's sake and partly for protection for the feet.

In the Victorian era, they were knee-length and were laced with ribbon. From the turn of the century until the 1920s, when women began wearing sandals to the beach, canvas was was the usual material for most beach shoes.

I wonder about their shoes

They look like they are made of canvas. Were the shoes specially bought to go with the whole swimsuit ensemble, or was any old shoe good enough? To modern eyes, the only thing odder than shoes with a bathing suit are stockings with a bathing suit.

Stay and play

I wouldn't kick any of these ladies out of my sandbox for eating animal crackers.

And without showing any skin too!

Stockings and bloomers under their bathing suits, and slippers of some kind. These girls may want to be naughty, but pulling up their skirts seems pretty tame.


Those bathing suits aren't even wet.



I must say, I do believe I'm getting the vapors from such an erotic image!


Photograph to help us all forget that the first snow of the season is just outside our door. Hubba Hubba!


Wow! I have never seen such mischief makers on Shorpy from circa 1905. I love the expressions on their faces. The third one from the left's expression is saying, "You think this is something? Just you wait!"

A Real Beauty

The girl on the right is a real beauty. There is a hint of a promise of something more in that look.


It looks like the woman on the right would be head and shoulders taller than the others if she straightened up.

Hey there!

The tall girl on the right has a cute mischievous look on her face, and the girl second from left has the showgirl pose working. A nice December reminder of summertime!

And now for the Main Event!.

Looks like an act in the "Wringling" Brothers Circus.

Cheesecake Factory

I am shocked and appalled at yet another picture on Shorpy of young ladies in swimsuits. I was under the impression this is a family web site. Have you no respect for women? I just may cancel my membership. Or not.

No duplicates

How many variations of the sailor suit bathing costume can you have?

A peek of patella

Wow, showing knees like that in 1905, those hussies! It's a good thing the Jersey Shore constables didn't see this, otherwise the gals would be hauled off for indecent exposure.

Where are they now with what goes on there?

Naughty, Bawdy Beach Beauties!

They have that gleam in their eyes! Showing off a little leg and wanting to show a bit more! They are a cute bunch of young ladies having a good time and I love their spunkiness!


This picture makes me smile!

I say!

Some very good looking young women here, especially the one with the stripey socks!

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