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The Long Way Home: 1900

The Long Way Home: 1900

Wayne County, Michigan, circa 1900. "A Grosse Ile road." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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The Other Tower

Not the windmill, the closer one. I thought at first it was an old, broken-down windmill, but there's an anemometer on it, some other device, and what appears to be a cable running down to the ground. A weather station?

Dirt Roads

and wooden sidewalks.

Now I see the scary part.

Loved the imaginative comments!

I think when you first look at this, it makes you want to take this particular long road home and all -- yet, when viewed in High Def, Uh-oh. There is a lot of blackness or is it deep shade -- but there's too much sunshine all around where there is such darkness.

I absolutely agree with swein

The picture is great, and invites you to hit the road, play with the kid, climb the fences. I hope I can find an orange tree around.

Twilight Zone, maybe

... if you are referring to the episode "A Stop at Willoughby." Rather than creeping me out, this scene beckons me.

Looks Like East River Road

This picture looks like it was taken facing North on East River Road. It is somewhat similar even today (although it is paved) in that there are obvious lawns, trees, sidewalks and fences on one side and a drop off to the Detroit River on the other. The windmill and small building on the right echo outbuildings for boats, toys and barbeques found on the shore side of the road today.


I love this photo -- yes, heaven on earth. but I think I understand why some commenters think it's creepy -- there's a sort of movie genre that plays with the idea of the evil or perversion lying just beneath the surface of idyllic small town life, and they used settings just like this quiet road. Those films have lost their original power insofar as an audience sees a photo like this and already expects something dark.

Young Master Livingstone

bent on a little mischief or idly passing the time watching all the girls go by -- you be the judge. Interesting how my mind "sees" the sidewalk as concrete even though this excellent series of photographs clearly reveals wood. I've taken a dislike to the Livingstone family. Unfair of me, I know. I'll work on that.

The Source of Inspiration?

It seems the windmill contraptions are straight out the game Myst. What is the device to the left of the vane? Rather than appear to be the rotors of a windvane in motion, it seems to actually be solid in construction.

As others have commented, these photos do have a different feel to them than most others. Certainly a Twilight Zone aura, but still a very inviting place that I would visit in a heartbeat.

Smell the flowers, climb the windmill

and catch some shade under that chestnut tree, now almost extinct in North America.

Where's his dog

from the previous picture? Did it chase a squirrel up the tree?

Another dimension

Yeah, I don't get why it's creepy to the AT. This is a wonderfully evocative shot of a place and time that really never existed. Wouldn't we all like to step into that scene, talk to that Our Gang hooligan, smell the flowers, climb the windmill?

I think I'm sleeping with a light on tonight.

This photo just has way too much of a Twilight Zone feel to it.

Just what strange thing does that kid keep locked up behind the fence? Does his imaginary playmate actually make things move? Who, or worse what, would you encounter just past the bend in the road? Would he pitch pennies with you for your soul?

Still a nice place to live

Still a nice place to live albeit a bit pricey. Tree lined roads all through the city and nice shops down main street.

re: Hot Footin' It

Au contraire, Anonymous Tipster old friend; looking at these Grosse Ile photos makes me think the place was a paradise on earth. I'd like to be the kid in the cap and striped jersey and go exploring.

Hot Footin' It

I can't wait to get home everyday to check out the latest Shorpy photos. 99.9% of the pictures leave me with a pleasant viewing experience. For some strange reason this one really creeps me out. Someting sinister about it. I can't put my finger on it though. I'd probably be running home fast if I had to travel this road alone as a youngster!

I Found Waldo!

Looks like our young chum has been following the photographer around.

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