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Smith & Wesson: 1908

Smith & Wesson: 1908

Springfield, Massachusetts, circa 1908. "Smith & Wesson factory." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Old Factories

You can still find a handful of these beautiful brick factories throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Some are rotting away and some have been remodeled into studios or apartments.


out all the people! From a tiny view you can't see any of them but blow it up and HELLO!

Why the railing

Why the railing underneath the bay window?

[Maybe it has something to do with inattentive bicyclists and pedestrians. - Dave]

Quality Arms

I own a S&W .32 revolver so old that it was probably manufactured in this building. My great-grandfather wore it openly while running his pool room in the West Virginia coal fields. The cylinder is a little loose, but it still shoots a tight group.


Finally, their 15 minutes of fame. Click to embiggen.


What is that sitting on the ledge? looks like a pie and a milkshake.

Also on the top floor, what are those two round white things, lights? It looks like they are on the outside of the windows.

Hey look at that guy with the big camera

All those faces at the windows makes me think this was not a planned event and they were stealing a look before the boss got back.

Windows 08

My first reaction was, "This must be the testing area, because all the glass is gone!" but it's just an open-windows sort of day in Springfield.

Smith & Wesson

Still the best home Security System that is available today.

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