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Wyoming Baseball: 1910s

Wyoming Baseball: 1910s

        UPDATE: Our astute commenters reveal the location to be Wyoming Valley Seminary College in northeastern Pennsylvania.

"Wyoming baseball" is all it says on this 4x5 negative, from the same batch of glass plates as these college lads. The buildings are another clue. View full size.


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Night football

The recent Wyoming Seminary postings especially caught my eye as I live in Mansfield, PA and Wyoming was Mansfield State Normal's opponent in the first American football game played at night in 1892.

The town, along with what is now Mansfield University, reenact the flying wedge style game as part of an annual 1890s themed weekend of activities.

Not impressed

After more than three years of being amazed by the historical and technical knowledge of the Shorpyites, coupled with their incredibly persistent detective work, I am unsatisfied with just knowing this is Wyoming Valley College.

I want to know the position played by the ballplayer, and whether he was right or left-handed.

The clock is ticking.


I cannot recall ever seeing trousers with a belt loop over the fly.

Looking into the past

Since the two principal structures still exist this would be a perfect setting for this type of photograph. Any Shorpyites up to the job?

Some clews

The graffito directly to the man's left says "1912." (A proleptic message from the Class of, perhaps?)

I looked to see whether the building in the background matches any churches in Laramie. Although there are some with similar capped buttresses, I couldn't find a match.

[As it turns out (see below), Wyoming is in Pennsylvania. - Dave]

Ripley Would Have Been Proud

Venus de Milo in the window on the left and The Elephant Man in the window to her right.

Wyoming Valley Seminary College

I am thinking this is taken at the Wyoming Valley Seminary College in northeastern Pennsylvania.

This Methodist seminary was founded in 1840.

(Edit: I notice that while I was posting my guess, kbostian was ahead of me by 2 minutes. Curses, foiled again.)

[More like 2½ hours, if you look at the time stamps. Although your comments were published simultaneously. -Dave]

(Edit: another thing I learned, when you edit your comments, the time stamp changes too.)

[Good point! -Dave]

Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, PA

Here's a Street View near where this photo was taken.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

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