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Buy Their Fruits: 1906

1906. "The French Market -- New Orleans." Yes, they have bananas, and you can compare apples and oranges, too. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

1906. "The French Market -- New Orleans." Yes, they have bananas, and you can compare apples and oranges, too. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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The Horse

Adding to SWA's comment. That poor horse in the foreground has serious health problems. Its legs are all bent, distended stomach, coat all mangy, and many other issues. The poor animal should have been retired a long time before this sorry moment. Maybe its owner just considered the horses as a 'thing' and as long as it could pull a cart there was no concern.

Garic's Bakery

It opened in 1885 and was one of 150 bakeries listed in the city directory. This site outlines it's its history. It passed through several different owners after the founding family sold it in 1952. It remained a bakery through sometime on the early 1970s. The place was the last bakery to produce hardtack.

The buying power of a dime

Let's see, for 10 cents I could buy:
* A dozen bananas in the 1906 New Orleans French Market, or
* Three hot dogs and a made-to-order lemonade in 1906 Manhattan, New York, or
* A bridal tour or auto ride in 1906 Chester Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, or
* A box of sulphur and molasses kisses in 1907 Hartford, Connecticut, or
* A baked potato in 1909 at the Hotel Secor in Toledo, Ohio, or
* An orchestra seat in 1910 at the Theatre Comique in Detroit, Michigan, or
* Two tickets to a three-reel movie in 1912 at Moore's Garden Theatre in Washington, D.C., or
* A refreshing Bevo in 1917 Oklahoma City.

I'd probably go with the orchestra seat. The offer nine hours of continuous high-class performances and I can stay as long as I like.

A sorry sight

No, not the French Market; it's that poor old horse in the foreground. It looks to be nearing the end of a hard life and in need of veterinary care. In a better life it would've had some TLC and days of ease in a peaceful pasture before its days were done.

300 years of rueful streets

The sight of this delightful variant of the traditional Belgian block pavers seems as good a reason as any to point out September marked the tricentenniel of New Orleans' street grid. Let the good times roll(out)!

Sam the Banana Man

In 1906, Sam Zemurray had been living in New Orleans for over a year and had already acquired the Cuyamel Fruit Company. Great biography by Rich Cohen: The Fish That Ate the Whale.


Get a pound of road apples free with every pound of fruit you buy.
You pick and bag the free product!

Loving you has made me bananas

The pretty lady with a pout (near the bananas) is, in my mind, experiencing a slight -- ahem -- bit of friction with the gentleman (pork pie hat) standing to the left, gazing at her. I think he wants to appease her in some way but she is having none of it. Perhaps he has offended her by suggesting that she buy a few bananas and a jar of peanut butter -- still a relatively new invention -- and try putting them together in a sandwich. Meanwhile the other gentleman (bowler hat), having overheard their tiff, has discreetly averted his gaze out of respect for the couple in their awkward moment.

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